The city of Tanith is aproaching the 200th anniversary of the end of the war, and is a prosperous city well situated.

A Hub of trade around the sea, with a well protected natural harbour. The harbour can easily hold 30 great ships at anchor while another 6 are loaded and unloaded at [the docks]

Excellent fishing grounds.

20,000 humans and half-elves live in the Tanith Valley in farming communities and provide much of the food and raw materials for the city. Wood is somewhat scarse as the only trees are found on the sister slopes

h3 ruling council

The ruling council is made up of the heads of the 5 great guilds and the 5 great names with the Patrician casting a deciding vote if needed and running much of the government organization.

h3 Population: 120,000 human (most have some elven blood) 60,000 half-elf 10,000 dwarves (primarily living under sister slopes 4,000 halfling 2,000 gnome 2,000 other


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